Important note about a special security arrangement at the venue!

As we expect to have a US President delegation at Marriott Hotel during EUROMAR2017 Conference for his political visit to Poland, this is to inform you about special security arrangements during this VIP visit in Marriott Hotel on the 5/6th July 2017:

  •  There will be barriers (fence) arranged around the building from the 4th of July 6 pm;
  •  BOR (Government Protection Bureau) check-points will be set at 7 pm;
  • Guests and clients entering the hotel premise will be also checked the same way;
  • There will be 2 possibilities for our guests and clients to get to the hotel: either through the gate arranged in the corner of E. Plater / Al. Jerozolimskie – close to the AVIS parking space (there will be the tent set up there) or through the LIM lobby and using the gate near LIM reception;
  • Taxis will be allowed to come to the Nowogrodzka str from Chałubińskiego side and to the fence under the foot bridge. Guests can get to the hotel through the LIM lobby;
  • No parking will be allowed around the building;
  • Only authorized cars will be allowed to garage – lists to be delivered to BOR (Government Protection Bureau). The car check point will be arranged at Nowogrodzka Str near Radio Café – this will also be the point of arrival for ambulances which may be called in case of emergency to the hotel;
  • No any cars will be let in to LD between July 4th 6 pm and July 6th 4 pm – no deliveries will be accepted;
  • There will be pyrotechnical sweep of the whole building done by 4 BOR (Government Protection Bureau) teams. It will start on Tuesday 7 pm and is about to be finished by 4 pm on Wednesday;
  • Panorama will be closed on July 5th and access to the 40th floor from 12 noon till July 6th 4 pm will be restricted – only authorized personnel can go there, guest elevators will be disabled.

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